Swapping at the Stampin’ Up! Convention

In my opinion, "swapping" at Convention is one of the really fun things that goes on!  In case you are not familiar, people make just cardfronts, usually, all the same….or at least lots of several different designs, with their name and "recipe" on the back (what stamp set they used, what color inks, paper, accessories) and then you walk around and trade with other demos for what they have made.  This gives you quite a selection of different card ideas, samples of stamp sets that maybe you don't own or more samples of ones you do own, different color combinations, etc.  AND it is an opportunity to meet and talk to other demonstrators as you go around and say "Are you swapping?"  And of course they are!!  Some ladies practically have a storefront of swap choices you can pick from!  But most have maybe two or three different cards to choose from.  Some people also make 3-D swaps, which could be anything but a card….maybe a little box, maybe a notebook, maybe cute packaging for candy.  I didn't get around to making those but I wish I did!  Maybe next year!  And then there are "organized swaps" where you actually sign up in advance to participate and meet at a certain time and place to swap those items.  Some people take a little more time and effort to make something extra special for those swaps.  It is a horrible thing when you finally run out of swaps and have to stop and see others still swapping!  I can't wait for my customers to see these samples and see which ones they really like or what ideas they can get from these swaps!

Here is my pile of swaps I received from my "general" swapping!  It really is so much fun!  Later I'll go through and choose some of my favorites!


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