A Turkey Tag — It’s All in the Presentation (Almost!)!

Turkey Tag Pecan Pie Presentation

They say "It's all in the presentation" or "Presentation is everything!" but I do have to say "almost" because the pie inside this presentation is beautiful! Notice all the individual leaves on the crust around the edge (and the crust is my favorite part of any pie!). 

This year we are doing Thanksgiving a little differently. My friend Dixie and her friend Sherrie have a cooking/catering company so I ordered a Cajun fried turkey from them as well as some chicken and sausage gumbo, a pecan pie and some chocolate Whoopie Pies! No cooking a turkey for me!!!  Oh my gosh, when I saw how they had decorated the pecan pie package and whoopie pies with this cute turkey tag and ribbon I just went crazy!  See how such a simple thing can make such a great impression?!!  Paper, ink, and stamps!  Aren't we part of such an impressive craft?!

Turkey Tag Whoopie Pies Presentation

And a peek inside the foil covering the cajun fried turkey! I don't know how I restrained myself from taking just a little taste from this turkey!

Peek at Turkey

Are you hungry now? If you live in the southwest Houston/Richmond area, email me and I'll give you Dixie's contact information.

If you're taking a pie or some plate of food to someone's house for Thanksgiving, consider taking a few minutes to make some kind of cute little tag or card just for a little something special! I know it will be appreciated!  And make the food look even more inviting!

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