Canyon Scenery from the Air

We arrived home last night after a week's vacation in California visiting our daughter and son-in-law. The weather was a little hotter most of the time than we have experienced there before but still not quite as bad as the always tropical Houston! And the mountains and scenery are always gorgeous!

I always like the window seat on the plane so I can look out and hopefully see something interesting. I actually wish there was a little map of the plane flying so I could see what state or area we are flying over at all times. On the way out to Burbank, we changed planes in Denver, and as I looked out the window, the scenery below was just spectacular! I took pictures from the plane hoping we could figure out where we were or if we were actually flying over the Grand Canyon. (We're typically on the wrong side of the plane if the pilot announces something to see out the window!)

We did spot a dam and some water. As it turned out, it was the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell behind it! And… as it turned out, the top Stampin' Up! Demonstrators who were rewarded with a free trip called Founder's Circle from Stampin' Up! to St. George, Utah had gone on a float trip in the same area just the day before! Stampin' Up! really knows how to treat demonstrators (and everyone!) the right way so all Stampin' Up! events are always top-notch! But for these top demonstrators, this Founder's Circle trip is always spectacular! From reading some of their blogs, they first visited Kanab, UT where the Stampin' Up! manufacturing facility is loated and had lunch with the employees. Then they took a bus to begin this 3-hour float trip which looked really amazing. If we had just flown one day earlier, perhaps we could have seen their tiny rafts (tiny from the air!) floating down the Colorado River!  :) 

Glen Canyon Dam and Bridge

Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell

Glen Canyon Dam in center.The Founder's Circle float trip was in canyon below that.

Lake Powell

Dam in the very lower left and looking back at Lake Powell

Glen Canyon Dam

Glen Canyon Dam with bridge in front of it


Glen Canyon

Wiggly canyon going down to lower left is where they floated


These photos really do not do justice to seeing these views yourself from the plane. It's almost spiritual to fly over this kind of scenery that seemed to go on and on and on.  Just magnificent!  Now that my husband and I have compared our photos from the air to Google maps and photos on some of the demos' blogs, he thinks we need to do this float trip!

You can read about the whole Founder's Circle experience on Shelli Gardner's blog!

And if you think you'd like to be a part of a company that rewards hard work by top achievers like this, then check out some more information about Stampin' Up! Even if you don't reach this level, you will certainly enjoy being part of the Stampin' Up! family from the moment you join!





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