Stampin’ Up! Silicone Craft Sheet

Silicone Craft Sheet for Hot Glue

The Stampin' Up! Silicone Craft Sheet #127853 in the 2012-13 Holiday Catalog is one of the great new products you will use over and over again. It's a 6"x 6" sheet of silicone which makes it nonstick, heat resistant, easy to clean and a convenient size for storage, use, and portability.

We all know what a "sticky" situation it is when you get adhesive on your work surface, but with the Silicone Craft Sheet, your work surface is protected from adhesives and can be easily cleaned off with a baby wipe or wet paper towel.

The Silicone Craft Sheet is translucent (you can see my messy stamping on my Grid Paper showing through the craft sheet) so if you ever want to see what size to make your embellishment or how it will be placed, you can see through the craft sheet while you work to get your item just right.

Use it to assemble your flower or whatever project right into the hot glue or adhesive on the craft sheet so that you don't have to try to hold it in one hand and glue with the other.  Put the glue on the craft sheet and then assemble your project.

To add the Silicone Craft Sheet to your next order, just go to my Online Store here.

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