Stampin’ Up! Heat Tool to the Rescue!

Five Uses for Your Heat Tool

  1. Embossing:  Stamp with Versamark or Craft Ink, dump on embossing powder, pour off excess, heat with Heat Tool to emboss.
  2. Drying ink:  Use the Heat Tool to speed the drying of pigment ink or any project where the ink takes a little longer to dry.
  3. Heat & Stick Powder:  Stamp with Versamark ink, sprinkle on Heat & Stick Powder, pour off excess, heat with Heat Tool to make sticky, then apply glitter or beads or whatever you are using for your project.  Heat again a tiny bit to set.
  4. Drying ribbon:  Use your Heat Tool to speed the drying of ribbon dyed a different color with ink or markers.
  5. Unstick adhesive:  When you have made the cutest little project and realize you put the ribbon underneath the layers of cardstock and designer paper the wrong way so that the whole thing doesn't work right and you don't want to start all over because it really is cute and you are so proud of yourself, but you used tons of adhesive because you wanted to make sure it all stuck well forever so you can't just peel things apart TRY YOUR HEAT TOOL!!  Just move the heat tool over the area you want to unstick until you think the heat has made it through the layers of paper and then try to peel the paper back gently.  I think you will find that you can unstick your paper from the adhesive this way and redo your project.  I unstuck about four different areas like this and only messed up one piece of designer paper that I had to replace.  I was even able to reuse the ribbon after rubbing off the adhesive.  So try it before throwing your project in the trash!

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