Stampin’ Up! Convention Memento Mall Photos…Shop! Shop! Shop!

There is so much to show and tell about the Stampin' Up! Convention that I don't even know what to post!  I'm having trouble finding where my photos downloaded on my desktop computer so I am using my laptop instead.  I think I will show you some photos from Memento Mall, the first afternoon, my first stop!  The displays were so cute! (Of course I will be saying that everyday about every display!!) Memento Mall is a place to shop for "souvenirs" and things to use in our business. It is always a popular place for demos!

Memento Mall Paper Flowers

Paper flowers everywhere!

Stampin' Up! Memento Mall

A few things to buy!

Stampin' Up! Umbrella Display

What a clever display of umbrellas!!

Paper Flowers and Boots

So cute!!!

More Paper Flowers

More paper flowers!

Playing Card House

Houses of Stampin' Up! Cards!

Stampin' Up! Deck of Cards

Stampin' Up! Playing Cards

Wheelbarrows of Ribbon Charms

Wheelbarrows full of ribbon charms!

Cute Paper Flowers

Darling paper flowers!

Lunch Sack and Flowers

"Tickets and Tags" Lunch Sack and Flowers

Grow with Stampin' Up!

Shirt Fabric display…and paper flowers!

Convention Shirt

Convention Shirt…matches "Pocketful of Posies" DSP

Shirt Design

Beautiful Pocketful of Posies design

Flower Display

Photo Op!

The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place….Huge!

Hotel Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign at my hotel!

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