My Digital Studio….Why Not Have It?

Not only is My Digital Studio, the digital papercrafting software from Stampin’ Up!, a fantastic deal in itself, but every Tuesday Stampin’ Up! comes out with MORE irresistable content you can purchase to suit your needs and projects!

Here are today’s new downloads!

MDS Downloads_April 2 2013

Just click on the image above to go directly to my Online Store and find out more about these downloads!

And did you know that what used to be MDS 2+ is now just MDS….and the price has been GREATLY REDUCED!!!  What was $79.95 with over hundreds of dollars of artwork and content is now just $19.95!!!!  You can still do the 30-Day Free My Digital Studio Trial, but I say, just get the full version of My Digital Studio (MDS)  right off the bat for only $20. You won’t begin to imagine what all you can do with it until you have it and play with it and watch some of the video tutorials that are available.

Here’s a great video I urge you to watch that actually shows Holly Linford from the Home Office of Stampin’ Up! working in My Digital Studio on her computer….plus samples of great projects you can make.  It’s more than just scrapbooking for sure!

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