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Christmas MailboxToday I am working on a Christmas project for my Twelve Weeks of Christmas special newsletter that will start coming out soon. I’ll give you the details later but if you are reading this, be sure you are on my Mailing List so you will get this special edition of my newsletter in the twelve weeks leading up to Christmas!  (Hard to believe, I know!)

Just fill out the information in the Mailing List Sign-Up Box on the right and get your free gift! Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email which you MUST open, read, and click the link to CONFIRM that we have your permission to send you our newsletter.  You’ve undoubtedly done this for other company emails.  If you don’t receive that email, either try signing up again, check your Spam folder and your multiple Gmail folders, or let me know and I’ll try to help!  Some people are signing up in the box but not confirming and that doesn’t get you anywhere.  But as in all things “computer”, we know there are sometimes glitches! So let me know if you have any problems!

Sign up now and receive my October newsletter next week and you’ll be all ready for the Twelve Weeks of Christmas newsletters with a new holiday idea every week!

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