Ice Cream Sundae Birthday

Apparently, April 3 is the 119th Anniversary of the first documented Ice Cream Sundae, according to Google. Who would have guessed there is such controversy over the history of the ice cream sundae, as several different cities claim to be the first to have invented it!  Whether you want to believe that it was because the selling of soda water was prohibited on Sunday so just the remaining ice cream and syrup led to the invention of the ice cream sundae, or whether a customer asked for some syrup on top of the ice cream and perhaps a cherry, or any of the other versions out there led to the naming and birth of the ice cream sundae, I think we can all agree it is certainly a tasty treat!

In honor of the Ice Cream Sundae, here is my digital version, made with My Digital Studio!  I assure you, all the scoops are made with Blue Bell Ice Cream, my favorite!

Ice Cream Sundae

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