Hurricane Ike!! Yikes!!

Not much time to think about stamping with Hurricane Ike bearing down on the Houston area!  First it looked like it would go to Florida or Louisiana, then it looked like south Texas or into Mexico, but now it appears to be headed this way.  The eye perhaps will come ashore down around Freeport, west of Galveston which would mean in the Galveston/Houston area we will be on the "dirty" side, which gets the worst weather.  All of this could change at any moment if it takes a turn and goes somewhere else.  They think we will get lots of wind and rain and everything will be prone to flooding, due to the storm surge, which ultimately affects a lot of areas.  As long as the house stands, the worst part will be no power, probably….and no internet!  Oh my!!  This is seeming pretty serious, but it could still change.  But it is a big storm, so even if it heads somewhere a little off target we still will probably be affected.

So if you are out-of-town and need stamping supplies, the perfect answer is here!  Stampin' Up! just started online ordering the other day and it seems to be working pretty well!  If you need to order something, just go to MY website:    Under my contact information in the upper right hand corner, you will see a "Shop Now" button.  Click on that and it will take you to the new online ordering!  If you just go to the Stampin' Up! website, you will have to select a demonstrator.  If you do not select a demo, you will pay a premium price and higher shipping… you really want to go to my website!!  You will still be able to receive Hostess Benefits (a slightly different name online I believe) for your $150+ order.  Of course, under normal conditions, if you prefer you can always email me or call me with your order and I will take care of it.  But online ordering will be great for those who just think of something they want and want to get it ordered themselves right that moment…..or perhaps in the case of a hurricane where your demo might not have power, phone, or internet for days and you want your stamps!  You can do it yourself!

Don't forget about the stamp sets that are 15% off now until the end of September!  Info on my website!  What a deal!

Gotta go see for sure if we have enough batteries, water, ice, whatever.  I think we are as prepared as we can be.  Stormy weather should begin tomorrow morning.  Hang on to your hats…..and keep your fingers crossed for those of us in Ike's path!!

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