Have You Seen the WestJet Christmas Miracle?

Today seems like an odd day to me! It’s still in between Christmas and New Year’s so it’s still the holidays, yet it is Monday and the kids are all gone so it seems back to “normal”. Once I unload the dishwasher and refill it with all the dishes on the counter, I might be caught up in the kitchen. Except for all the remaining “goodies” on the counter; a few cookies, pieces of candy, and other treats. There’s starting to be room in the refrigerator again (thank goodness we finally have a new working refrigerator!) (knock on wood). There are still sheets to wash on the “guest” beds. My Christmas stuff is all still up because my family always left decorations and the tree up well past New Years. Rolls of wrapping paper are still on the dining room table (we never got it cleared off and just squeezed ourselves around the kitchen table to eat!) where the last-minute wrappers worked!

You may have heard about this story on the news, about the WestJet passengers getting their Christmas wishes granted by Santa when they arrived at the luggage carousel at their destination, but today was the first time I watched the actual video!  If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it and continue to warm your Christmas season heart before the holiday is over!

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