Valentines for Boys (or Robot-Loving Girls!)

Robot Valentines for Boys

Valentines are sometimes all "mushy" but here is a cute idea for valentines for boys! Not that they can't be for girls, too, of course…but in the craft world, it's often more difficult to find "boy" things. Anybody who loves robots will like these valentines…and not just for Valentine's Day either!  They would be just as cute for birthday cards or some kind of birthday party favors. The only bad thing is that the chocolate candy making up the body is pretty tempting and then the robot is kind of destroyed! But that's okay…we have to remember, it is only paper!

Of course I copied the idea from a couple I saw online a long time ago and then made them up my own way. On two, I embossed aluminum foil (the heavy duty kitchen kind) in an embossing folder in the Big Shot.

Embossed Foil

Here are close-ups of the robot valentines. The glare of the foil makes it a little difficult to take photos!

Robot Valentine
Here you can see the two chocolate nuggets forming the body (stuck together with one mini glue dot near the bottom of the candy and some Sticky Strip on the back.

Holding nuggets

Robot Valentine 2

Robot Valentine 3

Use your imagination and make some fun valentines like these! Once you get started, it is hard to stop!

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