Using Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape

My camera is broken at the moment so I thought I would just post some ideas I have seen or had for using the great new Epic Day This and That Designer Washi Tape. You can order this tape as a separate item #131269 from my Stampin' Up! store….but the better idea would be to purchase the entire Epic Day This and That Bundle before the end of April so you can get a 15% discount on the whole package.

Of course the obvious use for Washi Tape is to adhere, decoratively, your photos and memorabilia to your album or journal or whatever. But you can also use the tape itself as a decorative item. Here are a few ideas:

  • Wrap washi tape around a tea light base (use a battery-operated one).
  • Decorate plastic cups, straws, plasticware for a party with washi tape.
  • Wrap washi tape around a gift box or gift bag as decorative borders.
  • Use washi tape on a card or scrapbook page just placing it as lines of tape on the project, as borders or stripes or small banners.
  • Wrap washi tape around a glass jar as a decoration or even as a identifier of the contents.
  • Before making a rosette, place a long strip of washi tape on the strip of paper and you'll have a design on your rosette after you fold it!
  • Tape pieces of washi tape in long or short strips down or across a notebook cover to add color and design.
  • Adhere washi tape around a glass votive holder to decorate your candle.
  • Adhere washi tape on clip clothespins to decorate.  Add a magnet to the back.
  • Decorate a plain file folder with washi tape.

So there you have a FEW ideas to get started!

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