Trendy Mason Jars!

Yesterday Stampin' Up! did something they have never done before! They live streamed about thirty minutes of the last general session of the 2012 Convention to us demonstrators.  I think it was mainly to give us all a taste of what attending Convention is like, for those who haven't attended yet. Next year will be the 25th Anniversary of Stampin' Up! and you can imagine that they will do that convention up right!

During the live stream, Sara Douglass, Shelli Gardner's daughter, gave a demonstration of some decorating ideas for mason jars!  When you see the Holiday Catalog August 1st you will see why! Apparently mason jars are trendy items right now!

Here are some photos that I took of my computer screen during the live stream from the Stampin' Up! Convention!

Tie DyeTag for Mason Jar

Here's a tag she made look tie-dyed just by embossing and then coloring in (not neatly!) with various inks.  The bottom tag is embossed with the chevron design.

Doily Mason Jar

Very pretty!  I'll have to listen again to catch the instructions! I'm sure you recognize the doily die.

Mason Jar Cards

Here are matching cards you could give as a gift or have people write advice or good wishes at a wedding or shower or whatever occasion. Then they get put in the mason jar!

Mason Jar Idea

And here's another creative idea…this time the jar is filled with something (mints?) to hold skewers attached to decorations or flowers or whatever you would want to make…just like a vase.

Rosette in Wedding Mason Jar

All Images copyright Stampin' Up! 2012

And here's one item she made to stick in the jar for a wedding gift for a friend.  She also stuck a gift card holder on the back.

Even thirty minutes of live Stampin' Up! was great fun!

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