Super Bowl Sunday 2012 My Digital Studio Scrapbook Page

Super Bowl 2012 SB Page-001

Images copyright Stampin' Up! 2012

Before you go off to your big Super Bowl 2012 party this afternoon, why not make a scrapbook page in My Digital Studio (or the traditional way with paper!) so that when you come home with some photos of your friends, you'll be ready to make a Super Bowl scrapbook page right away!

This is one that started with a template already in the program and I just changed the colors to reflect this year's Super Bowl.  That's the great thing about My Digital Studio….even if you start with a professional template, you can change anything and everything on it to suit your own tastes!

Even if you prefer traditional scrapbooking, My Digital Studio is great for designing….design your digital page without wasting any paper or embellishments….then copy it the traditional way!

And the "hybrid" way, is a little of both!  Design some parts in My Digital Studio but add "real" embellishments or stamps or punches.  It's great any way you do it!

Why not try My Digital Studio Express FREE for 30 days from Stampin' Up!….You can read all about it on my blog post HERE. And for even more details on the free trial, click HERE. Then play with it and see if it works for you!  

The more you use it, the easier it gets….and it's pretty easy to start with!

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