Stampin’ Up! My Digital Studio New Downloads!

Stampin' Up! My Digital Studio

Hey! Here’s a great idea for your summer!  Buy the My Digital Studio software for only $19.95 and start creating your summer scrapbooks, summer party favors, invitations, fun things for the kids to make, whatever you want! It won’t take you long at all to “get the hang of it” with MDS. And if you have the kids home for the summer, you KNOW they will be able to help you with anything digital! Let them create some things as well, then print them out at home or at the office supply store or send off to Stampin’ Up! for printing if it is a special keepsake. Let them help you digitally scrap any photos from the past school year! Or make an album together to get ready for the upcoming school year and have it ready to drop the photos into during the school year! There’s so much potential for you and the kids to work on during the summer and have fun together…..indoors and in the air-conditioning I might add!

One of the best parts is that every Tuesday Stampin’ Up! releases new downloads you can purchase (and on occasion some free ones!). Here are the newest downloads released this week:

My Digital Studio Newest Downloads for June 18th!

View the PDF with all the details!

I suggest purchasing the software because the price has dropped from originally being $79.95 to only $19.95 and you will not believe all the content you get with that full version software!! And when you are ready, you can purchase extra downloads that come out every Tuesday from Stampin’ Up! to suit your projects. But you won’t “need” anything for a long time with all the artwork you receive in the software.

If you really do not want to spend the money without trying, you’re in luck because you can take the MDS 30-Day Free Trial! Get a trial version…..the full software with some artwork to use……and work with it for 30 days. If you want to purchase the full version, do it just before your 30 days ends to make installation a little easier.  If you aren’t interested, the program will end after 30 days.  No obligation.

My Digital Studio is certainly not just about scrapbooking!  So if you are not into scrapbooking, don’t think this program is of no use or joy to you! Experience it!  Take the Free 30-Day Trial!

 My Digital Studio Software or Free 30-Day Trial!  You Choose!

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