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My Digital Studio is the digital papercrafting software from Stampin' Up! You can make so many things with the program….scrapbook pages, journals, photo albums, swatch book, cards, invitations, party favors, framed art, calendars…and more! And it is not difficult to learn.  You can print from your own computer, another location, or for best color and quality use the Stampin' Up! printing service.

Version 2 of My Digital Studio is coming sometime later this year…but you don't need to wait!  If you purchase My Digital Studio NOW, you will receive the new version FREE when it is available!  Nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Try the 30-day Free Trial of My Digital Studio Express!  Why not?! Just use it for 30 days and see how you like it.  While you are using it during the trial period you can purchase any downloads you like, have your projects printed…everything. 

Every week Stampin' Up! comes out with new irresistable downloads. Check out the most recent ones HERE!

Find out about My Digital Studio HERE!

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