Stampin’ Up! Leadership 2012


Stampin' Up! Leadership has ended and I really don't even know what to say or where to begin.  I think if all companies could be like Stampin' Up!, the world would be a better place!

We all got so many gifts and prizes (I even won a prize for the first time!!) and several promotions and things coming up to help us all grow and develop our businesses.  The socializing and fellowship with other demonstrators in classes, while standing in line, swapping, or while eating lunch is priceless.

The Stampin' Up! employees giving their presentations….oh my gosh, what can I say???!!!  Not only was there a fisherman/painter but we had salsa dancing on stage not to mention a gigantic Harley (at least I guess that's what it was!) riding on and off stage.  The creativity and personality they all show is amazing….everything is so clever and entertaining.  The theme was "My Way" so each presenter did it "their way".


A gift from Shelli at Make & Takes


Another gift and candy inside homemade by a Stampin' Up! employee!




Next event….Stampin' Up! Regional!

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