Stampin’ Up! Build-A-Bear Cards at Leadership

Let's not forget about the fun Build-A-Bear products Stampin' Up! offers!  My kids aren't little any more, although when the Build-A-Bear store opened in Houston at the Galleria they were just young enough I guess that we were able to experience the Build-A-Bear fun with each of them making a bear.

At Stampin' Up! Leadership last month there was a nice display of Build-A-Bears in various costumes on cards….really great creativity!  I'm sure you will enjoy seeing these photos!

Build-A-Bear Astronaut
Build-A-Bear Birthday Girl
Build-A-Bear Boy
Build-A-Bear Hawaii
Build-A-Bear Indian
Build-A-Bear Luau
Build-A-Bear Pirate
Build-A-Bear Shopper
Build-a-Bear Surfer

Check out the great Build-A-Bear Workshop Suite of products in my Stampin' Up! Online Store HERE. I know you can have lots of fun with Build-A-Bear, whether you have little children or not!

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