Springtime in Houston….Azaleas Bursting in Bloom!

White Azalea in Pink

I know from the weather map this morning that half the country is covered in snow! While I can easily wish we had some of that snow here in Houston, just for the novelty of it, I really don’t know if I could adjust to the cold weather anymore! After all, when it gets below 50 here in the morning, we think it is miserable just going from the house to the car! I told my husband this morning, “Think of August! Think of August! Think of August!” when we will be drenched in sweat in those few steps from the house to the car!  In July and August we would be on our knees praying for cool weather like we have today!

To help you over the winter weather, if that’s what you have when you look out your window, here are some photos of our beautiful azaleas in full bloom the other day. The only thing snowy here is the one wild white bloom on the otherwise pink group of bushes!

White Azalea Flower

Pink Azalea closeup

Pink Azaleas

Dark Pink Azalea Bush

So with this inspiration, get your stamps, ink and paper, or your punches, and make yourself some flowers!

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