Snowstorm Hits Houston, TX!

It is almost unbelievable enough that it would get cold enough in Houston to have to wear a jacket…..a winter jacket, that is….and button it up….but then late this afternoon it STARTED SNOWING!!!!  When I went out to get the mail I thought could feel some microscopic moisture on my face.  A little while later I went out and checked and  could hear precipitation falling.  The next time I went out, with my black jacket on, I could actually see some little flakes or maybe just sleet hitting my sleeve!  You had to stare and squint to see it coming down…..but in Houston, this would be called a blizzard!!  It does not snow in Houston, except maybe once every seven years or so!  But it did snow here just two or three years ago on Christmas Eve.  One weatherman had statistics to show that three dfferent years when there was a hurricane, we had snow in December.  So maybe Hurricane Ike brought this as a peace offering a few months later! 


The next time I went out the snow was starting to stick in the valleys on the roof!


When I went to pick up my husband, the snow was starting to stick on the cars.  When we got home at 6 pm he put the trash out right away for some reason and after we were inside, I forgot about the snow.  Wouldn't have thought it was still coming down anyway!  But, when I looked out, it was still snowing and had accumulated even more!!  This is so amazing!!





There!  That should get even with those of you who have posted pictures of snow scenes from your windows, showing gorgeous trees covered in snow or a foot of snow on your deck or in your yard!  These are blizzard pictures from Houston, TX!

And here are some Christmas lights and decorations while I am at it….

Those white specks are SNOW!


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