Shelli Gardner on TODAY today!!

Turn on the Today Show on NBC!  Shelli, founder and CEO of Stampin' Up!, is going to be on this morning for their annual toy drive!!  She's sending Tweets on Twitter if you have an account!  Shelli and her daughter Shanna are in the Green Room right now getting ready for their appearance, which says they should be on at 9:23 am…..I assume Eastern time….so if not at the time you think, try the next hour! Hard to tell what time they will do things on a show like that.  Let's hope she gets in a few more words than she was able to last year due to time. Maybe she'll get more than 10 seconds!!  And we'd really love to see her go back to do a segment on stamping sometime!

Stay tuned!  If there is a video later to post I'll put it up here!


At least they had Shelli on by herself, but I don't think they appreciated who they had in their midst!!  And probably Ann Curry doesn't know anything about stamping!  Here's a video I found of Shelli's appearance!

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