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The Stampin’ Up! Retirement List for 2017 Is Here!

Retiring Stampin' Up! Products Banner 2017

It’s certainly sad to see some of these Stampin’ Up! products being retired, but it is fun to shop the retirement sale and to look forward to new products coming June 1st in the new Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalog!

Click HERE for the Stampin’ Up! Retirement List and Sale!

Click HERE to go shopping at the Stampin’ Up! Online Store!

Remember, products are available “while supplies last”! However, since the stamp sets are manufactured by Stampin’ Up!, they will continue to manufacture all retiring stamps until May 22 and then they will be available “while supplies last”.

Be careful that you are not choosing one of the foreign language stamps unless that is what you want! With so many things to choose from, sometimes we choose the wrong number item!

More information later!  Just go enjoy the list and the shopping!

If you were a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, you could be getting a peek at the new catalog online right now! Just buy the Starter Kit for $99 and choose $125 worth of product and you’ll be a Demo in minutes online!

How to Marble Paper With Shaving Cream and Ink the Easy Way!

Try a new technique this weekend, like how to marble paper with shaving cream and ink! There just just seems to be no end to creativity with stamps, paper and ink, or in this case with shaving cream!  I remember making some card backgrounds with this technique a long time ago and probably around Easter time. Of course you can do it for any occasion or season or holiday, just use the appropriate colors, but there is something soft and beautiful about this technique for springtime and Easter I think.

Watch Donna Griffith from the Stampin’ Up! Home Office show you this easy technique for marbling paper!

Doesn’t that look fun and easy?!  And what a fun technique to do with your kids or grandkids, not to mention Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts!  Donna used an empty stamp case, but you can also use a paper plate or other container.  Use a plastic knife or a skewer to mix the colors, but don’t overdo it unless you are going for that look.

We always say, “There are no mistakes in stamping!” but I can also add, “There are no mistakes in marbling!”  Every piece of paper you do will look different!  Have lots of pieces of paper cut and ready to go because you won’t be able to stop!  You can save the pieces you don’t need right away and use them on other projects in the future.

As you can see in the video, the marbling technique isn’t just for backgrounds, you can punch or die cut pieces and shapes to use on other projects. If you use a large area of shaving cream, you could marble a whole sheet of paper, perhaps for a scrapbook page!  Once you start playing, you will come up with other ideas, perhaps inspired by the colors and marbling you create!  If you don’t like the color combination, just wash that cream away and start over. Perhaps you want your own can of shaving cream (remember that Donna said not to use gel!) for your papercrafting so your husband doesn’t get upset if you are using his!

Shop Stampin’ Up! ink refills if you need them for your ink pads or to to try this technique!

Only 6 more days of Sale-A-Bration, so if you need paper, stamps or ink refills, be sure to order soon with a $50 order so you can get your free Sale-A-Bration product!


Time to Scrapbook Those Christmas Photos Easily With Project Life by Stampin’ Up!

We all have those photos on our phones and cameras from the holidays, so let’s get those printed (doesn’t have to be all of them!) and do something with them that we and our family can enjoy and SEE! Put them in some kind of album and do a little journaling (YES, in your OWN handwriting!) while you remember the dates and stories. I promise you will appreciate having this in a few years and your family will really appreciate this years from now when they look back! The easiest system to use is Project Life by Stampin’ Up!!

You can do traditional scrapbooking and make it as fancy as you want, and if that’s what you like and have time for, do it! But if you feel intimidated by that, then just print out some photos, slip them into the Project Life Photo Pocket Pages  and add some cards for decoration and/or journaling. Project Life by Stampin’ Up! makes it so easy! And the card kit and accessory packs make it so easy and fun!

Becky Higgins is the founder of Project Life and has partnered with Stampin’ Up! with products that coordinate with our colors. Even Becky Higgins, the famous scrapbooker, advocates just getting some photos into an album, don’t fuss over it. You don’t have to even add the embellishments and make it all fancy, JUST slip some photos in the pockets, add some journaling….DONE. Just do it! Just do something simple.  You will be glad you did.

You can probably find sales on photo printing at your local drugstore right now or other places so we should all pause and get those photos printed.  Once you’ve done that, then just slip them into the pockets. Becky even really pares down her photo choices, which is something I would have to work on because I love to use ALL the photos! It’s too difficult, too many choices that way! Just choose a few. Before you know it, you will have an easy album of your holidays or your December, or your year!  Whatever you want!

You might already have some Project Life supplies in your stash, but if you don’t and would like to order some, just click HERE for the main page to start selecting your items!

While you are sitting around today waiting to get ready for that New Year’s Even party, or better yet, if you are staying home and relaxing, either get some photos printed or go through a box you already have. Becky says to start with what you are the most excited about.

Watch this video of Donna from the Stampin’ Up! Home Office show you how to use Project Life! It will give you lots of ideas!

Have a safe, happy and fun New Year’s Eve!

A Couple of Things About Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up!

Paper Pumpkin December 2016 Kit

In case you haven’t heard, Paper Pumpkin is the papercrafting kit that comes to you in the mail once a month! Each month is a surprise, and as you can see by the December 2016 kit it is not always cards!  This December kit is designed to be made into a mini scrapbook of sorts, or whatever you would like, but you could make cards with the pieces as well. Usually you receive an ink spot and an exclusive stamp set, but for the first time, they are instead including in the kit this rotary stamp and a black marker with which to ink up the words on the rotary stamp.

Now, it is too late to subscribe for the December Kit, but if you subscribe for the January 2017 Kit, you can go back and purchase any of the past kits or refills that are available. And right now Stampin’ Up! is offering the full December kit, #143596, so you don’t have to wait, but you do have to subscribe!  Past kits are only available to current subscribers. So join Paper Pumpkin HERE and then put the December 2016 Kit on your order! You’ll also find more information at that link. Please choose me as your Demonstrator.

Paper Pumpkin Subscription Flyer

If you need a last minute gift for someone, consider the Prepaid Subscription to Paper Pumpkin. Add your choice to your order and you will receive an email from Stampin’ Up! telling you how to activate your account, plus a printable Gift Certificate! You can forward this to your gift recipient if you like.

Or maybe it is for YOU! Just show your husband or mother or daughter or son or whomever the link, either for joining month by month or for the Prepaid Subscription. Let them purchase it for you and print out the gift certificate!

Here’s a video showing how to assemble the December Kit!

Here is Carrie from the Home Office telling more about the kit and showing alternative ideas for the kit if you don’t want to make the album.


A Couple New Occasions Catalog Products…Coming!

Stampin' Up! Occasions Preorder Items

As Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators, we get to preorder from upcoming catalogs, one of the many perks of being a Demonstrator. I only ordered a very few things in my Stampin’ Up! Occasions Catalog Preorder and received it last night. I will wait until January 4th (most likely!) when the Occasions Catalog goes live and when Sale-A-Bration begins to order MORE!Beautiful You Stamp Set

From samples I have seen online that other Demonstrators have made, I would guess that this stamp set, Beautiful You, is already very popular. I love the sketched images and the greetings. The images will be great for coloring in in kind of a watercolored look or even left plain.

I ordered the Falling in Love Designer Series Paper.  It is so soft and beautiful!  Lots of the “bokeh” look (the kind of blurry circles background), plus other really pretty patterns. It’s difficult to tell what the paper REALLY looks like until you see it in person, but I took some closer shots to give you a better idea.

Falling in Love Designer Series Paper 1

Falling in Love Designer Series Paper 2

Falling in Love Designer Series Paper 2closeupFalling in Love Designer Series Paper 1closeup

This photo above is a close up so you can see the page with the beautiful lace pattern!  Love it!!

Falling in Love Designer Series Paper 3

Watercolor Pencils Open

I haven’t had a chance to play with these Watercolor Pencils yet, but if you are newer to Stampin’ Up! you might not know that years ago (when I started!) we had watercolor pencils, but they were not in official Stampin’ Up! colors.  These are! I think most people liked the watercolor pencils, I know I did.  Very easy to color with in different techniques using a little water one way or another to blend the color. Really fun!  You should put these on your first order! Especially with the adult coloring craze right now, these will fit right in!

Metallic Ribbon Combo Pack Sample

Even during our preorder, we were allowed to choose a free Sale-A-Bration item and I chose the Metallic Ribbon Combo Pack. You get two rolls of this beautiful ribbon, one with silver threads and one with gold.  They are both soft and pliable. You will love using them!

So there is a sneak peek of some new things that are coming!  Sale-A-Bration (beginning January 4th) is always a fun time because who doesn’t like to get FREE stamping things with our orders!

If you already have a Demonstrator you are working with, I’m sure you can ask her (or him!) for the new Occasions Catalog and Sale-A-Bration brochure.  If you do not have a Demonstrator you are working with and are interested in Stampin’ Up! products, I would love to be YOUR Demonstrator! I have a few extra catalogs handy for new customers, so just email me at with your contact information and I can send them out to you.  Let me know if you also want the Stampin’ Up! Annual Catalog.

My regular customers should be getting your catalogs in the mail that I ordered for you from Stampin’ Up! probably pretty soon.  Watch your mailbox and don’t lose them in the Christmas hustle and bustle!

And if you would like to be in on all the fun of being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator, check out some information HERE at this link. Then contact me with any questions or concerns or excitement! you have and I can tell you how to get signed up!  Great Christmas present for yourself!!

In the meantime, check out the Stampin’ Up! Year End Closeout Sale going on!

Shop Stampin’ Up! Online HERE!



Spend Time Looking at Old Family Photos Together With Your Family at Christmas

Old Family Photos

With Christmas coming up and families gathering together, I was thinking that spending time looking at old family photos together with your family might be a wonderful activity to share! The holidays and family gatherings might be a perfect time to pull out a box of old photos and go through them with your relatives or even just your own children.  If you are lucky enough to still have your parents with you and have other family members in your life, particularly older ones, see how many photos they can identify for you of people from the past. When you get out the boxes of random old photos you probably have in an closet somewhere, you most likely will find a lot of them with no names or dates on the back.

Recently a relative sent me a box of random photos that she found going through things in her mother-in-law’s house. She was able to identify that this batch of photos belonged to my maternal grandmother and sent them to me. What a surprise and thrill to get these old photos, even though I already have plenty!

As much as I think it is a good idea to have scrapbooks and albums and some kind of organization for any photos, looking through just a random assortment of photos is really fun! Just in this box of photos I received, there are very old photos of relatives, probably at least early 1900’s, then maybe pictures of my brother and me as babies, then back to some older relative, then pictures in my other grandma’s backyard with both grandmas, then a toy my grandpa built for my brother, then probably the house my grandpa grew up in in Chicago, then maybe a photo Christmas card of my mother’s friend’s children, and then back to my brother’s confirmation or my parents’ wedding photos. So fun! I would say that most of them have no names or dates on them. A lot of them I can at least identify the people but have no idea of the dates or sometimes places.

Some of the older photos are printed on the backside of a postcard! But except for one or two, there is no writing on the postcard!

Old Photos Post Card

Speaking of handwriting, because I can recognize my mother’s handwriting or my grandparents, I can decipher if a photo just says “Mother” on the back and I know it’s my mother’s handwriting, then I know that’s an old photo of my grandmother! I just hate that people are ashamed of their “bad” handwriting or that these days there isn’t even much handwriting with computers, yet I feel something viscerally when I see someone’s handwriting that I recognize. I think handwriting is so special, and I don’t think many people appreciate that! We’re missing something as a generation when we email everything or print out labels on the computer or order Christmas cards with family names already printed on them and no note, no handwritten signature.

Another thing I treasure in these old photos, is getting a glimpse inside my great-grandmother’s living room, or my grandma’s kitchen, or my great-aunt’s backyard!  Even though the photo is almost always about the person in the picture, it’s the background in the photo that sometimes is the fascinating part! In some cases, I now have that lamp or that table or candy dish in my own house. I love the reminder of what my grandparents’ houses or the house I grew up in looked like on the inside!

Think about the photos you have right now, whether printed out or scanned or on a “device”. Think about your grandchildren or great-grandchildren looking at these exact photos 75 or 100 years from now. What are those people going to know or learn about your photos? Do any of them identify the subjects in the photo or have any dates? It’s a big task to keep up with all this, but think about someone coming across a box in your attic of all your photo albums, scrapbooks, or random photos thrown in a photo box from the craft store years and years from now. What will you want them to know about these photos if you aren’t there to explain them?

Whether you choose traditional scrapbooking or something like Project Life or some other system or organizing and identifying your photos, do something. If you have your relatives with your over the holidays, let them look through some old photos and identify the subjects or even just tell you the stories that they know. (And I would daresay write it down because you will not remember everything!) If it is just your children, let them look through the photos with you so perhaps they can get a sense of their ancestors or even just their own baby or growing up photos and tell them the stories while YOU remember!

Just some things to think about if you are going to be with relatives and family members over the holidays!  You might be surprised how much some might enjoy looking at your old photos, bringing back memories or hearing or relating the old stories.  If you don’t have old photos, go through your own photos, because someday your photos are going to be the vintage ones!

Make a December Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Album Now

December will be here before we know it, so be prepared to document your December days or even the holidays with a Project Life album all ready to go!  Nothing could be easier or cuter! Watch how Donna Griffith from the Stampin’ Up! Home Office goes about making hers with the Project Life Hello December 2016 Card Collection and Accessory Pack. If you want to keep it super simple, just use the cards and your photos.  You can always go back and get fancy with embellishments later, just get the photos and some journaling into an album right away. However, the Accessory Pack is a cute bag of goodies, you just might want it on hand regardless! This is the album that Donna refers to in the video, the Emerald Envy 6″ x 8″ Project Life Album.

Here is a link to the template she shares:  Project LIfe Template

Watch the video below by Holly at the Home Office and find out more about the Project Life Hello December 2016 Card Collection and Accessory Pack.  They are so much fun!

To order any of these Project Life products and others, please visit the Project Life section in my Stampin’ Up! Online Store!

Stampin’ Up! Offers Galore!

Special Offers September 15-21 2016

Here are the new Stampin’ Up! Special Offers good today, September 15-21. This is the last group of Special Offers for now so check them out!

There are a few other versions available in French, too.

Whether you are doing any Project Life memory-keeping with the cards and accessory packs, they are just so cute and fun to own! You can use them to make cards or even framed art and other projects!

The Hello Lovely cards are ESPECIALLY beautiful!  You should get these just to have and maybe sometime in the future you will try Project Life memory-keeping or other papercrafting projects!!Project Life Hello Lovely Cards

You can see these cards and the Hello Lovely Accessory Pack on this video and see how you can use them in the pocket pages for scrapbooking or memory-keeping, or the new way Pam Morgan from the Stampin’ Up! Home Office uses these products as “mail art”!

Shop Stampin’ Up! Special Offers

Shop Stampin’ Up! Clearance Rack

Bargains!! Stampin’ Up! Bargains on the Clearance Rack!

Stampin' Up! Clearance Rack Banner 2016

Wow! This is how to start off your day!! Tons of Stampin’ Up! products added to the Clearance Rack today!

RUN, don’t walk to check them out and don’t hesitate to order if you see things you want! Products only available while supplies last. Lots of ribbon! Designer Papers! The Black Spider Web Doilies from last year! Punches! Lots of things!

Shop the Clearance Rack NOW!  Don’t delay!

Also:  Special Offers available today and tomorrow!

Thoughtful Branches still available, too!

Try Project Life by Stampin’ Up! for Memory-Keeping

Project Life Banner 2016

One of the really fun and cute products, I think, in the Stampin’ Up! Product Line is Project Life by Stampin’ Up! You can choose from cards like you see in the photo above that decorate your pocket pages or give you a place to do some journaling.  I think it is SO important to do some journaling IN YOUR OWN HANDWRITING, I don’t care how bad you think your handwriting is!! (Getting on my soap box here!) When I see someone’s personal handwriting, I see the person. This is all the more relevant when looking at old letters, scrapbooks, memorabilia, etc. But back to Project Life! Besides the cards that come in a cute box, you can use the coordinating stamps and the oh so fun Accessory Pack of the cutest little embellishments to use, if you want, on your pocket cards. You can even buy just the Accessory Pack if you want some extra embellishments for your regular card-making or projects!  Lots of choose from!  And be sure to get the Journaling Pens!

Try Project Life for your Memory Keeping today!

You’ve Got This 12×12 Scrapbook Page

You've Got This 12x12 Scrapbook Page

This stamp set, You’ve Got This Stamp Set, can be used to make a beautiful 12″ x 12″ scrapbook page. You don’t even need designer paper, just make your own background. Start with a piece of Whisper White card stock and stamp with the cross-hatch stamp in the set.  You can stamp and then stamp again without reinking to give it that varied shading. Just stamp around randomly.

After the background is finished, stamp the flower in the set with Stazon Ink so that you can color in without smearing the ink. Just use Stampin’ Write Markers if they are not too dark or use ink refills and the Aqua Painter. Lots of options for watercoloring!

Since this will be a scrapbook page, you will be adding photos and their layers so you don’t necessarily need to add all the stems to the flowers, but it just depends on your layout.

When you don’t know what to make, use the Stampin’ Up! Catalog for ideas! I got the idea for this scrapbook page when I loved the Popcorn Box on page 51.  Check it out!

Don’t forget to page through the catalog for inspiration. You can choose any element of any project that you like and apply that to what you are making!

Bonus Days Banner July 2016

July 7th begins Bonus Days!! Spend $50 and get a $5 coupon to spend in August! You must have an email address and keep track of the coupon codes they send you.  Don’t lose them! You can’t have them resent!  Click the banner above to shop!

Project Life for a Child’s Summer Vacation Activity

Project Life by Stampin' Up! Banner

Stampin’ Up! has partnered with Becky Higgins to bring you Project Life products in exclusive Stampin’ Up! colors. It makes a simple way to get your photos into albums by just slipping them in the pocket pages and adding Project Life cards. Add a bit of journaling and maybe some embellishments if you like, but it’s much easier and simpler than traditional scrapbooking.

On their blog today, Stampin’ Up! has an article about getting your kids off their devices during the summer and having them work on a Project Life album, perhaps chronicling their school year or whatever they like.  Project Life is simple enough even for kids! Surely the rest of us could do it as well!!

Watch the appearance of a mom from Stampin’ Up! and her daughter on a local Utah TV show encouraging parents to give their children some alternative ideas for summer fun besides being in the digital world constantly. Click HERE to watch the show segment!

Shop Project Life at Stampin’ Up!

Make a Cute Mini Album For A Friend

Mini Album Cover

I thought you would enjoy seeing this cute mini album a friend sent me recently that she made! You can use it for inspiration to make an album of your own!  I think mini albums are one of the cutest things we can make with all our stamping supplies!

I’ve often said one of the best things about being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator is the people you meet. It was just chance that another Demonstrator saw my name on an email group I was part of and noticed I lived in Houston.  She invited me to come join a group of them for stamping, swapping and lunch out! What could be more fun than that?! We all got together once a month for a few years. It was great because most of us would never have met any other way. Most of us are still in touch one way or another even though some have dropped as Demonstrators or moved away. We just enjoy talking about stamping and Stampin’ Up! and having lots of laughs together. I wouldn’t have met these people without being a part of Stampin’ Up!Mini Album Inside1

When you open the album completely, this is what the inside looks like. So fun to discover all the cute tags and sayings my friend slipped inside!

Mini Album Inside2

In the photo below, if you fold the right portion back to the center, you see another pocket and cute little tag and envelope.

Mini Album Inside3

Such cute little things in the small envelope, not to mention a unique clasp for the envelope flap, tucking it behind the punched flower!Mini Album Inside4

And even on the back of the album is one more surprise!Mini Album Back

You can make something like this and put photos inside of your family or whatever occasion you are making the album for. You will find many ways to make mini albums online. This one is the same size as a regular card.

Just as I was thrilled to receive this from my friend and know how much thought and love she put into it, imagine how much one you make will make to someone special!

Join the Stampin’ Up! family and make new friends!

Tomorrow is the last day for Stampin’ Up! Weekly Deals as we have known them! After tomorrow we will have occasional “Special Offers” instead.  Lots of deals to choose from!  Be sure to check it out!

Tomorrow also begins the transition to the new Stampin’ Up! Catalog!  Demonstrators who attended the OnStage convention in Salt Lake City the past few days already received theirs and get extra-early ordering opportunities! Demonstrators who did not attend will be able to view the catalog online tomorrow and we’ll all be able to see projects made with new products. Customers will start receiving catalogs about mid-May and the new catalog goes into effect June 1. That means the Retiring List will be released tomorrow afternoon, 1:00 pm MT! If there are things you want, you can get a jump on ordering today or be ready to order as soon as the list is released. Some things will sell out most likely, you never know. More details will be released tomorrow about the Retiring List.

Join my Mailing List to keep up with all the news coming out from Stampin’ Up!

Try your hand at making a mini album for someone.  You’ll have fun making it and they will appreciate it!

Cyber Monday! Stampin’ Up! Flash Sale & Online Extravaganza Last Day!

Stampin' Up! Flash Sale Nov 30 2015

It’s Cyber Monday and today is the last day for the full Stampin’ Up! Online Extravaganza, plus a Flash Sale all day today (while supplies last!)!

Be sure to use the Bundle numbers to order.

Stampin' Up! Online Extravaganza 50% Off

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See the whole PDF list of the sale HERE!

My Recommendations (hard to choose!): 

Shop the Stampin’ Up! Online Extravaganza HERE now all day,

while supplies last!

Veteran’s Day Patriotic Scrapbook Page

Veteran's Day Patriotic Scrapbook Page

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day we honor our military for their service and patriotism to our country and here is an example of a patriotic scrapbook page any of us could make.  Chances are every single one of us knows someone who is in the military now or has a family member who has served, whether recently or long ago. If we looked in some old boxes of photos, we can all probably pull out some vintage photos of our relatives and ancestors from their military service. Why not take some of those out of the box and put them on some quick and easy scrapbook pages and either tuck in an album or even frame and put on the wall as decor.

In case you would be interested, the genealogy website is allowing anyone to look up military records free through today.  I was slow in reading my email and only noticed it yesterday but it has been going on for a few days. You may have to register in some way, but they occasionally have these opportunities to look up certain family records.  I find it fascinating to see actual records right on my computer screen and perhaps a real signature and handwriting by that person. I found records for my father, both my grandfathers, and a few other relatives.

Take a moment today to think about the veterans who have served our country in peace and in war and active military who are serving us right now around the world. If you would like to read more about the history of Veteran’s Day, just visit this link.

Layered Letters Father’s Day Card

Layered Letters Father's Day Card

Father’s Day is tomorrow, Sunday June 21, so if you haven’t already, you better find some time today to make a card for the father in your life, whether it’s your own father, husband, uncle, grandfather, whomever!

I had fun playing with the new stamp set Layered Letters Alphabet. I liked this set from the moment I saw it and I think it will be a great set to use even for cards and projects and certainly for scrapbooking. Can you have too many alphabet sets?!  Probably not! One thing I like about it is the rectangle shape and the circle that you can stamp first and then put the letter inside of it! Of course you can just use the letters plain as well. I guess I just like the font. There’s something very comfortable to me about the letters.

To make this Father’s Day card, I used the new Cucumber Crush green for the card base, layered with Whisper White. I just “eyeballed” the stamping using my Grid Paper and centering the card on the grid, but you could also use the Stamp-a-Ma-Jig if you wanted to be precise. I stamped the rectangles but “stamped off” lightly one time before stamping on the card to make them lighter. Then I stamped each letter with our Tuxedo Black Memento Ink. The Father’s Day words come from the Crazy About You Stamp Set. This stamp set is a little pricey but comes with a lot of useful stamps.  And if you like, there is a Bundle with some Thinlits to choose from and save 15%.

Then for just a little more somethin’-somethin’ I added the top and bottom border from the Tin of Cards Photopolymer Stamp Set. Don’t think this stamp set is only for the Tin of Cards!  I have used it a lot, separately, and you will too!

So there you have it, one idea for a Father’s Day card for tomorrow!

Get your Layered Letters Alphabet Stamp Set at the Stampin’ Up! Online Store HERE!

Jump Into Project Life By Stampin’ Up! With Moments Like These

Project Life Moments Like These Cards

Stampin’ Up!, as you know, has partnered with Becky Higgins and Project Life to provide us with these wonderful kits for memory-keeping! These special kits coordinate with our Stampin’ Up! colors and come with an optional accessory pack plus coordinating stamp set. When you buy the Bundle (the card collection, the accessory pack and the stamp set) you save 15%!

The Project Life by Stampin’ Up! system is easy!  Just gather your photos, insert them into the pocket pages, add some of the cards to decorate or explain, write in some journaling, and you are done!  Now if you like, add some stamping and add some embellishments with any of your stamping supplies or use the too cute accessory pack that coordinates with each card collection. Do as little or as much as you like.

Stampin’ Up! and Becky Higgins featured the new Moments Like These set on their blogs! Check out Becky’s post HERE.

Star Wars in Golden Canyon in Death Valley

Golden Canyon Star Wars MDS

Made in Stampin’ Up! My Digital Studio

May the 4th Be With You!  Apparently to Star Wars lovers everywhere May 4th has become Star Wars Day (#StarWarsDay).  Who knew? And now that I am on the mailing list for Furnace Creek Resort in Death Valley, I received an email the other day highlighting May 4th as a good date to visit Death Valley where some scenes from the original Star Wars movies were shot. The email describes the scenery in Death Valley as “otherworldly”  which is a perfect description. At times you look out and think you are on another planet or the moon or who knows where! While my family thought some of the sites we visited looked like locations for Star Wars, we didn’t know the movie makers had actually shot many scenes there!

Just this past March we took a trip to Death Valley, CA with two of our children. Although I was not enthused about the trip in the first place, Death Valley National Park turned out to be magnificent (as all national parks we have visited have been)! The scenery is awesome and majestic, to say the least, and the setting so isolated and different than most of us ever see. You would certainly want to check the temperatures and weather before you plan a trip as it was hot enough when we were there in mid-March! The wildflowers were in bloom, and of course at higher elevations the temperature was just about perfect!

Any trip with my husband has to involve hiking, nothing major, but just easy hiking. In Death Valley there are plenty of canyons to explore. We went to the ones we could easily reach with our rental car and one of the best is Golden Canyon. It IS “golden” inside and around every corner is another incredible view. Now we wish we had known about the Star Wars filming there so we could have looked for the exact spots. As I looked through my photos again to see if anything matched one particular view we saw online, I thought of making a page in My Digital Studio with this photo of my son and seeing if I could give him a Star Wars light saber! This Stampin’ Up! software is easy to learn and use and with a few punches filled in with color and grouped together, I had a light saber! Then I added a text box and happened to have a Star Wars font I could use for the title! I didn’t attempt the proper clothing, but I’m happy with what I made! I can have this printed out into an 8 1/2″ x 11″ scrapbook page or frame it as a picture.

Stampin’ Up! will no longer be carrying My Digital Studio in about a month, but you can still purchase the software and/or any of the downloads just to have and use yourself. Just because Stampin’ Up! will no longer sell it or support it doesn’t mean we can’t use it!  The software comes with a ton of content plus you can add any downloads that you particularly like from the vast selection. You can even use just the downloads on your computer. It’s not just for scrapbooking so you can get a lot of use out of My Digital Studio in many ways, such as cards, flyers, photo books, party favors, calendars and more. Print projects yourself or take them to any print shop after Stampin’ Up! stops offering printing services.

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Realize the Importance of What We Do In Our Personal Communications

At the Stampin’ Up! Leadership Conference this year, the keynote speaker was Jason F. Wright., an author and speaker. He spoke to the demonstrators about our Stampin’ Up! Statement of the Heart and how we make a difference with our handmade cards, handwritten letters and personal communication. This is something I feel very strongly about, that I worry our society is losing, because when I find a box of old letters, written in ink on paper, hand-addressed envelopes, I recognize and feel the person who wrote it. This is true with traditional scrapbooking, too.  When I hear someone say they don’t like to do the journaling because their handwriting is terrible, I think they are selfishly keeping something of themselves from the people ultimately looking at that scrapbook. Nothing typed or emailed can compare to the handwritten note or letter! I’m just as guilty, being in too much a rush to sit down and write a real letter. Think about how you used to feel when you went to the mailbox and found a letter from a friend. My mother wrote me letters almost everyday when I was away at college (everyone did think I got the most mail!).

Anyway, please take some time to sit down and watch and listen to this video of Jason Wright’s talk at Leadership. I guarantee you he is very funny and also very emotional describing some letters in his life.  Have a box of tissue handy! You’ll enjoy his stamping experiences also! And it will make you realize how important that paper and ink you are working with just might be to someone who receives your card or letter.

Hope you enjoy! Then go write a letter or send a card to someone! If you have a story about a special letter or card, please leave a comment. Here is the link to view the video if you need it:

“To love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments…in this we make a difference!”

Stampin’ Up! Statement of the Heart

Make a Cute and Easy Album from a Kit

Stampin' Up! So You Project Kit

So You Project Kit Images (c) Stampin’ Up! 2015

I saw this new So You Project Kit in the Occasions Catalog on page 48 but honestly it wasn’t on top of my wish list – until I saw Sara Douglass on stage at the Stampin’ Up! Leadership Conference last week show the album she made of her daughter and her friends out on a special date. I think they were going to make one for each of the friends! Then I watched the video shown below by Stampin’ Up! talking about this So You Project Kit album and saw how many things that are included, not to mention examples for each page IN COLOR that you could use – but certainly do not have to. The album holds 4″ x 4″ photos so you could get your Instagram photos printed to keep in this album! It’s the perfect size for a trip or a party or a shower or a new baby or graduation, certainly any occasion or holiday. Or just start it in a generic way and when you get a special photo, just stick it in there! On the catalog page, be sure to check out the extra supplies you might want to have on hand and the coordinating stamp set you could use. Of course, depending on your use, you might already have stamp sets you can use with it. Even if your photos are 4 x 6, they can be cropped to fit, most likely. I think it looks like a fun album and I’m putting it on my order!

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This kit would also make a great gift for any stampers, scrapbookers, or potential papercrafters!

Watch this fun video by Holly Linford from the Stampin’ Up! Home Office talk about the So You Project Kit.

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