Pretty Anniversary Card

My husband and I recently celebrated our 31st anniversary (okay, so we haven’t gone out to dinner yet!) and my “old” college friend, Sally, sent us this card.  I think it is a beautiful card!  Sally is one of those few people who remember occasions AND actually send a card!  She sends postcards, too….I got one recently from her from Paris!  I remember the “olden days” when the mailbox would be full of cards for birthdays or whatever occasion. The mailman we had growing up always knew everyone’s birthday in our family because he could tell from all the cards we were getting in the mail!  Ah, the good old days!  I wish we could get back to those days, especially those of us who make cards!  I don’t always get cards sent when I want to or on time, but it’s a wonderful habit to get into and stay in!

Here is the card.  It has some beautiful paper on it, a stamped strip with Fresh Fillers, gold-embossed “Happy Anniversary” and cute little 3-D butterflies.  Thanks, Sally!

Sally's Anniversary Card

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