Postage Increase Begins Today….Did You Know??

Stamp2Did you know that the cost of US postage goes up today? First-class stamps are now $.46. I guess I heard a long time ago, but I didn't remember until yesterday when I went to mail a package and saw something about a postage increase on the USPS website starting today, Jan. 27th. Of course, if you have those "Forever" stamps, you need not worry about your basic letters and cards.  But if you have a stamp that says $.45, you'll need to add a $.01 stamp to mail it.

You can click here on this link to the website for the best explanation.

And here is another link from the USPS homepage.

Did you know you can just order stamps online  and have them sent to you for only (I think) $1.00? If you're like me, this is well worth saving a trip to the post office for stamps.

I'm always surprised, too, to find out people do not know about the Click-N-Ship way to send a package from home. You do need a scale of some sort (I bought one on Ebay years ago and it has served me well!) and a computer and printer. You can even order FREE flat rate boxes for Priority Mail, stickers, and mailing labels and have them shipped to your door.  No more hunting in the garage for an old box you can mail something in (although I still do that occasionally if it is a better fit and I can still send it Priority). Just pack up your box, weigh it, enter all the information on the USPS website, print your postage and adhere it to the package. You can even request Carrier Pickup for the next day, hand it to your postman, or take it to the post office and just hand it to the clerk. It is fabulous since I have hated going to the post office. One time I had to wait in line when I was the ONLY person in the place!

This is not a commercial for the US Post Office but just to help you mail your beautiful stamped cards and gifts! Go to for all the information you need.

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