Photography Tips for Summer Sun

Since we'll be taking lots of photos in the sun this summer, here are a few tips I read from Darren Rowse of Digital Photography School that might help get you some good pictures!

  • Use your flash, even in the sunlight.  It might help eliminate shadows on your subject's face or it might darken the background and make your subject stand out more.
  • Try shooting your subject in the shade….at least a little bit of shade, not in dark shade.  Try for even light, not that falling through the leaves producing all kinds of spots and shadows.  Sometimes just holding an umbrella over the subject (not getting it in the shot of course) may help.
  • Use a reflector, something with a white or light surface to give the subject extra light.  This might be as simple as a white t-shirt or stand near a white wall.

Just experiment and see what produces good results for you!  Then when you are ready to scrapbook those photos, Stampin' Up! has all the supplies and creative ideas you will need.  I'm always available to answer your questions about your projects!  Check out the Stampin' Up! online store here .

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