My Stampin’ Up! Cellphone

Now I can’t remember where I first got this idea, but I didn’t even understand it at first.  I thought someone had bought a clear cellphone and then put Stampin’ Up! Designer Paper on the inside somehow.  Finally I realized you could buy a clear COVER for your cellphone and line that with designer paper!  The person gave a certain website where you could purchase them and indeed the one for my phone was on sale and very cheap so I ordered one!  I lined the cover with the new Stampin’ Up! Bali Breeze Designer Paper.  I just kind of traced around the cover using scrap paper for a pattern, trimmed here and there and finally got a template that fit pretty well.  I then cut out the designer paper and trimmed it to fit perfectly.  I think it is a fun project and makes it easier to see the light-colored phone in my purse!

Cellphone_3 Cellphone2_5

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