My Digital Studio Downloads…Parent Memories and More Organizing

One of the new downloads this week for Stampin’ Up!’s digital software program, My Digital Studio, could turn out to be one of the most important ones you could buy and use. This one I am talking about is called “Think Back Photobook Templates“. Once printed it would be an album of questions for whomever you choose. It’s designed for your parents and grandparents to write about their lives. They write their answers in the book, maybe post some photos. A couple of questions in the book are: “What song defines your childhood?” and “What personality traits did you inherit from your mother?”

Think Back Photobook MDS

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As with any My Digital Studio templates, you could print this book exactly as is or you can change colors, change names, change questions, add questions, add photos, change embellishments, change design, etc. etc. So you can design this book in whatever manner you want.  You can make it for yourself.

If you still have your parents and loved ones, you take it for granted that you know all about them and will remember all the stories you have heard over and over again in your life. But sometimes that isn’t the case, or your mind just goes blank because you no longer have someone to ask to verify a certain story or fact. If you can get their stories in writing, I guarantee you it will be a treasure to you like no other.

You can even purchase this download for My Digital Studio without owning My Digital Studio and use it in another program. You can even print it yourself or at a retail location.  But if you want the very best, I suggest doing the FREE 30-Day Trial of My Digital Studio and trying it out.  Get the photobook printed by Stampin’ Up!’s own printer and make sure the colors are accurate and the book well done.

If you no longer have your parents and grandparents, then do this for your own children and family. If not now, someday they WILL treasure what you wrote and what you told them.

Click here to see all the newest downloads for this week!  There are more for organizing your home, too!  Stampin’ Up! will have us all ship-shape pretty soon!

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