My Convention Bag Tag

I keep thinking that any minute now I am going to stamp, no matter what!  Well, it still hasn't happened, but I remembered that I never showed you my name tag I made for my bag I would receive at the Stampin' Up! Convention.  Of course I didn't know what color or style the bag would be, and as it turned out, this tag DID NOT match!!  And I should have realized that if the theme was "Flower Power" at the party, then vintage and elegant wasn't going to be the right style!!  But, who cares, I liked the tag and I got lots of compliments on it from other demos!  And I made one for my friend Nona, too!  Looking at it now, I don't think I chose the right alphabet either, but I was looking for something small enough to fit.  This is the Jumble Alphabet #115199.  The new designer paper is Elegant Soiree #117163 with some Crochet Trim #118481 (Victoria) and some JewelsBasic Pearls #119247.  Then I just slipped this into a vertical ID badge holder from an office supply store.  You can also embellish the badge holder with ribbons!  So fun!

Stampin' Up! Convention Bag Tag 


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