Make Your Own Halloween Ornament with Paper Strips

Paper Strip Halloween Ornament

As Stampin' Up! Demonstrators, we receive a magazine that we all love filled with creative ideas, business tips, and the latest Stampin' Up! news.  On the cover of the latest issue are pictures of ornaments like these, except for winter or Christmas. I decided to try making a paper ornament for Halloween with the Howlstooth & Scaringbone Designer Series Paper. These would be so fun to make for Halloween decorations for a party!

Stampin' Up! didn't provide any specific instructions that I found, but I found some examples online! This particular one is made with five strips of paper.  Basically you need two "long" strips, two "shorter" strips, and one "even shorter"!

This is what I used:

Strips are cut 1" wide.

2 strips 10" long, 2 strips 8" long, and 1 strip 6 3/4" long.

Arrange the strips in a "sandwich", paying attention to how you want the sides of your paper to show:  shortest strip in the middle, next longest on each side of the shortest strip, and the longest strips on the outside. So for my ornament, I have the strips stacked 10" – 8" – 6 3/4" – 8" – 10" and make them all flush at one end (they'll be uneven at the opposite end of the pile). Using my paper-piercing tool I poked a hole and inserted a brad. Then I lined up the bottom of the strips, which shapes the ornament and inserted a brad to hold it.  That's it!  Tie a string or ribbon through the top and you've got it!  Experiment with sizes and you can have ornaments of all sizes! I think I would make the next one a little narrower and shorter strips.

Try one with your paper scraps!  Bet you can't make just one!!

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