Ike update….before it gets bad here!

It started getting a little gusty around dinner time (one last hot meal!) but SO FAR it isn't even raining here in my area and it is only occasionally gusty.  But even that little bit is pretty scary.  Looks very bad in Galveston from the TV pictures.  Yes, we still have electricity although I don't expect that to last much longer.  There are already lots of areas out around town.  Just watching the TV news and answering the phone!  The worst will be during the night, I think they said they eye will be here around 2 am, then a little calm, and then the back side has to go through.  Can't wait for this to be over!!  We've got supplies in the hall assuming we will spend the night there, lots of things are put away in case of this or that….what if this window breaks, what if this window leaks, what if this falls over, what if this ceiling leaks, etc. etc.  Just so the house stays in one piece, we can deal with anything else….I think.

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