If it is Lightning Outside, Stay Inside and Stamp!

This past weekend we had several occasions where we had lots of lightning and thunder and yet not a drop of rain at our house.  Some places in Houston did get rain but it was just wherever the storm popped up.  On Sunday afternoon, my husband went out in the backyard to plant some seeds for fall in our pitiful garden.  All of a sudden a little bit of lightning popped up….of course I am the only alarmist in the family who would worry about such a thing!  In a few more minutes there was a very LOUD crack of lightning and I ran to the back door to make sure my husband wasn't sprawled out in the backyard.  He was fine but hurrying to get inside.  That lightning was way too close for comfort even for him!  But it wasn't until later that evening that we discovered that lightning bolt must have hit the chimney on the house a few doors down on the corner! Look at these photos I took this morning of their chimney and roof!


So when it is lightning outside, STAY INSIDE AND STAMP!

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