How to Budget and Have Friends

Ok, not your usual stamping post but I just have to brag!!  My daughter called this afternoon to tell me an article she wrote for had turned up on the home page of Yahoo!  I don't know how long it will be there, but RIGHT NOW you can go to it is one of the boxes under the Featured tab.  It says, "How to Maintain Your Budget & your Social Life".  When you click on that, it takes you to her article!  But if it is gone by the time you read this, this is a link to her article:  Amy's Article or just in case:

She writes personal finance articles on her blog,

and has also written articles, such as this one, for  They are usually practical, informative articles on how to save money on all kinds of topics, usually culled from personal experience.  She seems to suddenly be getting some notoriety so I just had to celebrate!  She also has a blog about old buildings in St. Louis, MO called Seeing St. Louis.

So for your reading pleasure, while we are awaiting the delivery of new Stampin' Up! catalogs SOON (I HOPE!!), go check out her articles and blogs and leave her a comment!  Thanks!!!!

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