We Thank and Honor Our Veterans Today

Veterans Day

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Veterans Day honors all those who have served in the armed forces for the United States of America. November 11th was made a legal holiday back in 1938, called “Armistice Day”, as a day to honor those who had served in World War I because hostilities had ceased between the Allied Forces and Germany in 1918 in the eleventh hour in the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Later on, the word Armistice was taken out and Veterans Day became a holiday to honor veterans of all wars.

To read more about the history of Veterans Day, please click HERE to go to the US Department of Veterans Affairs website.

I loved this story the first time I saw it online the other day. Someone notified the USO that a group of Marines were on their way home from Afghanistan on a plane from Baltimore bound for Chicago. Quickly it was arranged for their plane to be met by a corridor of Chicago police, firemen, airport workers and USO volunteers as they deplaned after their plane taxied under a water salute. Once they started boarding their next flight to San Diego, they found out American Airlines has a policy to upgrade military in uniform when possible. ¬†They had six first class seats available. At that, seven other first class passengers jumped up to give up their seats so the soldiers could sit together! If that is not a heart-warming story throughout, I don’t know what is!

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