Holiday Card Photo Tips

Here are some tips from on how to get a good photo to either put on or in your holiday cards!

  • Just keep it simple….people want to see your faces, not the Christmas-y clothes or props in the background.
  • The light source should be behind the photographer, but that source shouldn't be bright sun.
  • Think about people in levels as you compose the shot…make a triangle…."Have one person standing, one in a chair, one on the arm, one kneeling in front.”
  • Don't drag the process out when you have little children.  Plan the shot beforehand, perhaps with large stuffed animals holding their places. Perhaps have someone else take the photo who your children will listen to better for direction!

And when you've got that great shot, consider either making your own card to put it on with Stampin' Up! supplies, or design your card with My Digital Studio and have Stampin' Up! professionally print it for you!

Let me know if you need ideas for designing or making your own holiday card!

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