Unsticking Sticky Strip

Here is an idea to keep in mind in case you need to "unstick" something!  I was working on a project and attaching a band around the middle with Sticky Strip.  The band did not meet up properly on the other side, but since Sticky Strip adheres so well for this type of project it was very difficult to try to "unattach".  I tried anyway and got some torn paper, but mostly, the band was not laying flat.  I might have been able to cover up my mistakes with flowers and ribbon, but overall I just thought it was a mess!  I got out my Stampin’ Up!(R) Heat Tool and held it on the mismatched area for a short time.  That heated up the adhesive just enough that I was able to pull the paper back, straighten things out, reapply a few pieces of Sticky Strip, and adhere my band of cardstock to lay properly and match up with the other side!

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