Have You Started Scrapbooking?

"Not every page has to be a masterpiece."

This is a quote I saw somewhere, and I think it is one we should all print out and hang in our stamping area.  I think worrying about whether or not we can produce a fantastically creative masterpiece of a scrapbook page is what keeps a lot of us from even starting.  We think it has to look like a sample we saw in a magazine and if we can't produce that, well, then we shouldn't even bother.  Not everyone even likes the very busy, "cluttered" style of some scrapbook pages featured in magazines, so don't feel that yours can't be something very simple….just the photo, some journaling, maybe a little stamping along a border or a strip of designer paper.  It's even a good idea to just start with a small scrapbook page, 6×6 for example, or even a card size, and then build up from there.  That often gets you started and more ideas will come as you work.  Make it easy on yourself!

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