Easter Envelope Basket

This is a really easy and fun project, I think.  I used one of our lovely Stampin' Up! envelopes to make this.  I think once you get used to the smooth feel of our Stampin' Up! envelopes, you really don't like any other kind!  This is the Whisper White Medium Envelope (#107301).  All you do is seal the envelope, stamp it (I used a stamp from Priceless), and then use the Large Tag Punch on the sides.  Just slide the Tag Punch down as far as it will go along the side, with the envelope flap vertical, and punch.  You'll have a little piece left at the top, which you can punch off with the tag punch or just cut off with a scissor.  There will also be little triangle pieces on each side from the Tag Punch, but just cut those off with a scissor.  Stick your hand inside to open it up a little and there you have your basket!  I made the Punch Bunny on the front to decorate and tied a little ribbon.



The pink inside of the bunny's ear is bent forward a little bit, I think really his whole ear is slightly bent forward!  I just used markers to hand draw his eyes, nose and whiskers.  Very easy!  To make some grass inside, just cut very narrow strips of scrap cardstock and crimp with the Crimper on page 192 of the Idea Book & Catalog.

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