Coloring Chipboard Letters

Sometimes the chipboard letters are good to use the natural way they come, but sometimes you want to color them.  One way to do that is to use a Craft Ink Stampin' Spot.  You could use a sponge dauber, but I like to just use the direct method where I apply the ink directly from the Stampin' Spot to the chipboard.  Just turn the spot upside down and pounce it on the chipboard piece.  You could also use the Classic  Ink Stampin' Spot but it might be a little lighter in color.



You can order a set of 12 Stampin' Spots in each of the color families in either the Classic or Craft ink (see catalog pages 156-7).  Stampin' Spots are about 1" x 1" in size and are handy for carrying to crops or stamping events or a less expensive way to own all the colors in a family.  The majority of the time I think anyone would prefer the full-size ink pads, but the spots have their uses!  Let me know if you have any questions about the Stampin' Spots!

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