Calling All Heroes Superheroes Cards

Calling All Heroes Lightning Bolt CardI had some time yesterday to play with my new stamp set Calling All Heroes and made this superheroes card with the photopolymer stamp set. Photopolymer stamps are completely clear so you can see exactly where you are stamping AND they are VERY STICKY! I was pretty klutzy with that aspect of these stamps yesterday, but I got better and better dealing with them as I went along. If you saw my Facebook post yesterday you will see that first I put the stamp face down on the clear block so that when I stamped with it I got a blob of the back of the stamp and then it tore my paper when I lifted it up! Now I know to make sure that I have the stamp image up on the clear block so it will stamp the image and not the backside! I also learned that on my messy table while I am stamping to not just set the clear blocks on top of the photopolymer stamps because the blocks will stick to the stamps!  They are sticky! And that’s a good thing when you are stamping to hold the stamp on the block well, but for me yesterday it was just one thing after the other!  By evening I had it all down pretty well as I made another card!

This stamp set also comes with an alphabet so it is really a double stamp set. You can line up the letters on your block to stamp words or phrases.

Calling All Heroes Three Hero Faces Card

On this card, I just played with some of the masks and faces of the heroes (or are they villains?) and stamped the phrase, which also happens to be the name of the stamp set. I didn’t try to get it perfect (obviously) but it is nice to be able to stamp more than one letter at a time.  In cases where I needed the same letter twice, I could do one of two things. What I did do, was just place the letters C, A, and L on the block and then stamped the rest:  L, In, N, G to get “Calling”. The other thing I could have done was leave a space for the second “L” and then go back and stamp that in it’s proper place. Since you can see through the stamps, you can see pretty much where you are stamping. The stamps did stamp really well once I didn’t have them upside down on the block! They did clean up pretty well, too, although they are more prone to staining than our red rubber stamps. Even the Stazon ink cleaned off pretty well with Stampin’ Mist and a hard rub on the Stampin’ Scrub Pad.  And the ink that didn’t come off I sprayed the Stampin’ Mist right on the stamp and rubbed with a paper towel.

I think this will be a fun stamp set to play with.  I have a couple people in mind that I want to create cards for with this set!

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