A Special Delivery!!

Dsc00719_3 I opened my door last night and this is the delivery person I found on my front porch!!  Is she not the cutest thing??!  This is Elsie, my tiniest little future stamper!   She was bringing me a Peeps Jar that she and her mom (my customer) had made me for Easter!  I couldn’t have been more excited!  I knew it was a Kodak moment so I had to run for my camera before inviting them in for a visit!

Peeps_jar The Peeps Jar has Peeps inside along with M&Ms, graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar to which you add butter and vanilla.  While I am sure this would make a yummy(?) dessert, the design inside the jar with the Peeps looking out is really too cute to mess up….not to mention the memory of Elsie delivering it to me!  If you want the recipe, just email me.

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