A Framed Birthday Collage for a Friend

Framed Birthday Collage for a Friend
I love how this framed collage turned out for a dear friend's birthday gift! I often pick up frames that I like just in case I come up with a stamping project I can use them for. This white frame intrigued me because of the extra space at the bottom. I thought maybe I could stamp something in that area or do something with it. There were lots of possibilities, but it took having every ribbon I owned out on the table until I came up with this ribbon design that I liked! Of course, the frame would have been fine even plain.
When I need a gift for someone, I often try to see if there is something I can make. With stamping I can make a personalized gift. It saves a trip to the mall for the same old/same old kind of gifts, and I can make something I hope they will like and will be a unique gift that no one else will give them. Rubber stamping opens so many creative opportunities to you and it is an easy skill to learn and do.
To make this I just measured the frame opening and did a little math…and just cutting some scrap paper samples…to see what size to make my squares. Then I just decorated each one with whatever idea I found or thought of. Don't ever let not having an idea stop you….once you sit down and play a bit, your creative juices will start flowing! And often, they overflow once you get going!!
Here is a close-up of the collage.
Framed Birthday Collage for a Friend Close-up
And here is a close-up of all the little tags I made to go in the tiny envelope.
Framed Birthday Collage Tags
Making collages like this to frame is a great gift idea because it is a personalized gift and can be as large or small as you like. Try one!
You can find any supplies you need at my Stampin' Up! Online Store here!

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