A Field of Bluebonnets

You know it is springtime in Texas when the bluebonnets start blooming.  When we moved to Texas in 1982 we were incredulous at the first field we saw of bluebonnets.  We had never seen huge fields of any flower blooming like that or, at a minimum, large patches of wildflowers here and there.  Usually there are some Indian Paintbrush wildflowers mixed in with the bluebonnets, too.  People stop by the side of the road to take pictures or plunk their babies and children into a patch of bluebonnets for a beautiful portrait.

Last weekend on our way to Austin to visit our boys, we took the route through Brenham, TX which is one of the towns known for bluebonnets.  We have photos from many years ago of our children in the patch of bluebonnets!  Although it was a bit past the peak time, we found a large field of bluebonnets behind a motel and shopping area, but still beautiful.  Thank goodness for digital cameras because you just want to keep taking and keep taking pictures of the flowers.

Here are "just a few"!






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