A College Graduation Swatchbook from My Digital Studio

MDS Swatchbook Cover

I  may have mentioned before that I was working on a swatchbook in My Digital Studio, the Stampin' Up! digital papercrafting software, of my son's graduation photos. Finally I remembered to take some pictures of the swatchbook all made up! You can see there is a plastic cover on the front and back of the book and the whole thing is held together by the rivet in the corner. It is small….only 5 1/2" x 3 1/4", but that's why it is so cute and fun!  And don't think the small size kept me from squeezing in as many photos as I could! I have a hard time leaving out any photos because I think each one is valuable in its own way!

Graduation Swatchbook

The MDS Swatchbook just swings open. It has 26 pages to design. So I kept my pages in order skipping every other page because those then would be the backsides of the front pages. If that is a hard concept to wrap your head around, as it was for me, make a little swatchbook out of scrap paper and label your pages so you know what you are doing! When you start doing the backsides of the pages then you are working from the end to the front….so page 2 (the last page in your series) is on the back of page 1. It's confusing to explain even though it is very simple! And if you are not putting pages in order, then it doesn't matter anyway!

Graduation Swatchbook

Graduation Swatchbook

And printing prices for My Digital Studio have recently been reduced!  You CAN print any MDS projects yourself or at another printing company, but if you do it through Stampin' Up! you are assured of a quality product and precise Stampin' Up! colors. You can check out information about Stampin' Up! MDS Print Products HERE.

Start with the Swatchbook Template on My Digital Studio and make some cute little swatchbooks for Christmas gifts with those digital photos just sitting on your computer! I recommend purchasing MDS 2+ to get the most bang for your buck! You can get the software and "some" content with just MDS 2 for less money but the full version has SOOOO much content it really can't be beat!  But you do have choices, so whatever works for you….including just doing the Free 30-Day Trial!  No risk, and you can purchase downloads you want, print projects you make…everything….all during the trial period.  If you really want the hard discs, those are coming out soon! I recommend the download, though, so you can get it instantly and always have access to it.

Check out the information on My Digital Studio here.

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