31% Off Digital for 31 Days….EXTENDED by Stampin’ Up!



 "31% off Digital for 31 Days" has been extended past 31 days!

The little end of summer gift from My Digital Studio has been extended since everyone is busy with winding up summer, getting ready for back-to-school and playing with My Digital Studio Version 2!  Choose from My Digital Studio downloads and one content disc (Floral District Collection!) and most print products.  Now you have more time to finish up your projects and send them off to the Stampin' Up! printer!

To view all the 31% off products, just visit the 31% Off Digital category in my Online Store here.

  • If you already own My Digital Studio and just want to upgrade for $19.95, please visit my Online Store here. HOWEVER, I would urge you to check the lists of content of the upgrade vs. the MDS2+ because it really is a good deal to get the full version, even if you own some downloads….actually even if you own a lot of downloads.  Just check and see which is best for you and your uses….and budget!
  • And if you really aren't sure about ANY of it, PLEASE try the 30-Day Free Trial of My Digital Studio….nothing to lose at all, no obligation, and if you get in there and play with the software…even if it feels strange at first not to have paper and stamps in your hands (I know!!), you might find that you like it!  For the MDS2 Free 30-Day Trial, please visit my Online Store here.


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